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Об "CPU Heat Sinks"
CPU heat sinks are used to cool central processing units or graphics processors. CPU heat sink can be integrated with fan-cooled on the processor of a personal computer. In electronic systems, a heat sink is a passive heat exchanger component that cools a device by dissipating heat into the surrounding air, such as high-power semiconductor devices and light emitting diodes(LEDs).
"CPU Heat Sinks" Производители
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Standard Heat Sink MPC Series

CPU Heat Sinks: Standard Heat Sink
Malico Inc. (Taoyuan, Taiwan)
The MPC Series is a copper version of the pin fin heat sink. This series is ideal in low air flow environments because of the heat spreading characteristics of the material and the omni-directional air patterns.
Производитель обеспечивает: Passive Heat Sink, Active Heat Sink, Heat Sink with Talon Clip, Heat Sink with Push Pin.

Extruded Heat Sinks Profile 8461

CPU Heat Sinks: Extruded Heat Sinks
Pada Engineering S.r.l. (Saltara, Italy)
A wide selection of extruded profiles is at your disposal in our 1.000 m² fully automated warehouse. Contact our technicians to find out the aluminum profile that matches your needs. Tailor made new profiles could be developed in cooperation with our technical office
Производитель обеспечивает: Standard Heat Sinks, EasyClick Heat Sinks, SuperPlate Heat Sinks, SuperFins Heat Sinks.

Pin Fin heat sink with Push Pin attachment 10-6327-01G

CPU Heat Sinks: CPU Pin Fin Heat Sinks
Aavid Thermalloy (Concord, U.S.A.)
10-6327-01G Pin Fin heat sink with Push Pin attachment feature simple tool-free installation. 10-6327-01G Pin Fin heat sink accommodates up to 4mm stack height (typical 1.5mm PCB and 2.5 mm BGA package)
Производитель обеспечивает: Thermal Solutions for Intel® Server CPU, IGBT heat sink Modules, Board Level Heat Sinks, Ball Grid Arrays Heat Sinks.

Heat Sinks for Fansinks andard

CPU Heat Sinks: Heat Sinks for Fansinks
Cool Innovations Inc (Concord, Canada)
Standard pin fin heat sinks are available for 30mm, 40mm, 50mm & 60mm fans, Integrated pin fin fansinks offer unique low profile solutions. Standard fansinks are composed of a pin fin heat sink and a fan placed directly on top of the heat sink. Due to their unique structure integrated fan sinks offer extreme low profile fansink solutions.
Производитель обеспечивает: Heat Sinks for Surface Mount Devices, Heat Sinks for Embedded Devices, Heat Sinks for Power Devices, Heat Sinks for Through Hole Devices.

Heat Pipes Embedded Heat Sinks MLP 8979-29

CPU Heat Sinks: Heat Pipes Embedded Heat Sinks
Malico Inc. (Taoyuan, Taiwan)
Malico can incorporate extremely efficient heat pipe technology into a heat sink. Using high density forged aluminum and precision CNC machining capabilities, Malico can embed heat pipes into almost any configuration. Very high levels of tolerance are maintained to insure maximum heat transfer from the pipes to the aluminum heat sink.
Производитель обеспечивает: CPU Heat Sinks, Application Specific Heat Sink, LED Heat Sinks, North Bridge Heat Sinks, Server Heat Sinks.

Processor Heat Sinks BLUECORE

CPU Heat Sinks: Processor Heat Sinks
Bluecore Heatsinks Limited (Kidderminster, United Kingdom)
Designed to cool a variety of both Intel and AMD microprocessors, Bluecore’s range of heat sinks include copper heat spreaders, heat pipes and copper heat sinks for the most demanding applications. The heat sinks are designed to make assembly as easy as possible and solutions offered include the thermal interface material, attachment clips and retention mechanisms.
Производитель обеспечивает: BGA / PGA Heatsinks, Drive Control Heatsinks, LED Heatsinks, Processor Heatsinks.
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